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TriPath partners with small and medium sized enterprises to solve their design, manufacturing and supply chain challenges locally and in China.

Who We Are

A team of seasoned business, engineering, manufacturing and operations professionals with more than 100 years of combined experience.


Charles Han
Charles Han
Charles is a seasoned, C-level Executive with over 25 years of experience in Operations, Supply Chain, Product Development and Product Management. He has managed Fortune 500 companies as well as several start-ups.
David Lynch
David Lynch
VP Engineering
David has more than 25 years experience in the consumer electronics, semiconductor, industrial electronics and automotive electronics industries. He has senior management experience in 3 startups and has been an adviser to several others.

Hong Kong – Shenzhen

Ken Fong
Ken Fong
Managing Director
Ken has more than 15 years experience in business development, international marketing and management roles covering manufacturing, trading, start-ups and multinationals.
Lydia Lin
Lydia Lin
Finance Director
Lydia has over 10 years finance consultant and management account experience in FMCG and trading companies. She is experienced in the field of tax planning, corporate structuring, and accounting issues relating to foreign invested enterprises.
Erica Zheng
Erica Zheng
Operations Director
Erica has 14 years industrial and e-commerce business experience managing international operations teams. Cross functional Executive level to be your business partner in field of Finance, Legal, HR & Administration and Supply Chain Solutions.
Brian Lam
Brian Lam
Market & Technical Director
Brian has over 20 years experience in engineering, product development and as a Senior Executive in the Computer and Electronic industries.

What We Do

We become a part of your team.
From napkin sketch to finished product we help you get it done.

Brainstorm with your team to help you iterate quickly and develop a marketable product.

Work with you to design and prototype a product with the right materials and componentas that is manufacturable.

Take you and your product through verification testing and product qualification.

Find a manufacturing partner that fits with your company and your product.

Help you develop packaging tht is consistent with your branding , gets your product noticed and keeps it safe.

Help you understand supply chain and develop a logistics plan that meets your needs.

Help you manage and resolve supply and quality problems.

  • Product Development

    Help you prototype and iterate quickly to develop your ideas.

  • DFx

    Help you create a quality product that is Designed for Manufacturability, Assembly and Test .

  • Vendor Selection

    Help you find a suitable manufacturing partner for your product and quality suppliers for your components.

  • Manufacturing Support

    Help manage your inbound and outbound logistics, supplier quality and business operations.

Our Customers

We work with today's great, innovative companies.

Our partners

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